International Students


Experience “real” Japan through chezmo family!
A very fun and flexible part-time job for international students in Japan!
We provide following services;

chezmo services:

  1. Sitting:

    Great fun with kids while their parents are away. You may pick children at daycares or after schools and stay with them at home.

  2. Tutoring:

    Leverage your skills for teaching! Teach languages (French, Chinese, Spanish and etc.) or subjects like math, programming, music, art and sports in English or your native tongue.

  3. Events:

    Workshops for Japanese kids, such as programming, cooking, dancing at various places, such as after schools and English schools. We also have summer / spring camps in Nasu.

With chezmo, you will be able to:

  1. learn about Japan and experience Japanese culture through interacting with Japanese families.
  2. support Japanese children to be “globally competitive.”
  3. be flexible with part-time job and you can set your own schedule.
  4. learn entrepreneurship.

For more details, please send us a mail!

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